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MODEL FD-1.6-30..........Price:   $199.00

Broadband..COVERS ALL BANDS  1.6 THRU 30 MHZ!

Very Low SWR (≤ 2:1 all bands)  Model: FD-1.6-30

 Continuous, without an Antenna Tuner or Coupler!!   Uses wide spacers for "Folded" portions.
Will cover 6 meters as well with a tuner.
NO tuning or adjusting needed Ever!
Install as flat top, inverted "V", or Sloper.

(Will cover 6 meters as well with a tuner)

No ground required, This design has been used by government agencies, Civil Air Patrol, Emergency Operations Centers, MARS, RACES, Military and more Worldwide....


Because of the folded dipole design, it has the advantage of EMI rejection, much better than other antennas, making the receive mode extra quiet.  Also,   its greatly improved bandwidth over a standard half-wave dipole.
Very Similar to the B&W  BWD-90 that sells for $375.00! 
(Patent# 4423423 exp.)

MODEL# FD-1.6-30
Approx. 82 feet overall length.  Feedline impedance is 50 ohms;  Has strong housings  for the Matching Network and built in balun;  Accepts the standard PL-259 connector.  Instant Tuning, has no moving parts.  SWR:  2:1 all bands;  Heavy duty weather tight construction.  Fully Assembled ;  Includes Insulated Antenna Wire;  end insulators.  When properly installed will withstand hurricanes, Ice and snow loads..... Handles 250 watts SSB;  150 watts CW.   

 Instructions included  

MODEL FD-1.6-30..........Price:   $199.00

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