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bulletReduce overall length of antenna over 40%!
bulletEasy to assemble Kit Form
bulletCommercial Quality, built to last,   no rust connectors
bulletHandles full power, 1000 watts plus
bulletLoading coils are enclosed, sealed, weatherproof and lightweight
bulletAntenna tuners usually never required
bulletFor all transmitters, receivers and transceivers
bulletDeluxe center connector, accepts standard PL-259 connector
bulletUse as inverted "V" or Flat top
bulletStrong 14 gauge stranded antenna wire
bulletExcellent for all class amateurs
bulletEasy-to-follow instructions included

Model Band Covered (Meters) Overall Length (Ft) Price 
LS-40K 40 38
With PB-1-C Balun Option Add $24.00
LS-80K 75/80 69
With PB-1-C Balun Option Add $24.00
LS-160K 160 100
With PB-1-C Balun Option Add $24.00

Need more information about the "Pro-Baluns" Click here

ANTENNA SHORTENERS  ONLY: --(same as used above)--Perfect for limited Space applications, experimenting, custom applications, etc.  Use in series with the antenna elements to reduce the physical length.  Housed in weatherproof, sealed enclosures, same as our antenna traps.  NO periodic cleaning is required.  Built for years of trouble-free service.  Instructions included. Sold only in pairs.

MODEL For Band (meters) Finished Dipole overall length (ft) Price per pair
LC-40 40 38 $37.00

LC-80 75/80 69 $38.00

LC-160 160 100 $40.00

Prices are in U.S. Dollars

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